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San Diego Business Law Attorney

Jay Wiley Jones is a San Diego Business Law Attorney practicing in San Diego County and the Temecula Valley. Mr. Jones works with all types of businesses including the formation, administration and liquidation of Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Corporations, Sub S Corporations, Joint Ventures, Professional Corporations, and Limited Partnerships. His extensive experience and commitment to his clients has garnered Mr. Jones an excellent reputation, as well as a satisfied and loyal clientele.

San Diego Estate Planning Attorney

Whether you're 26 or 85, you need an estate planning attorney so that, when the you pass away, your family knows how to handle your possessions. Younger people need estate plans to direct their assets for their partner and children plus provide a guardian for minor children, if any. As you get older, you need to make provisions for protecting your wealth and other assets that you've acquired.

San Diego Probate Attorney

When a loved one passes away, be it your partner, relative or dear friend, an emotionally and mentally draining time follows. Not only are you trying to process the events that have just occurred, but you're also trying to keep up with your regular work and family obligations. If you're in a position to help with your loved one's will, you will benefit greatly by having a probate attorney help you with the process. For residents in and around San Diego, probate attorney J. Wiley Jones is ready to simplify the process for you and see that every step is completed so that the process doesn't take any longer than necessary.

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