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When you need legal advise you are best served by an attorney that can evaluate your personal situation and provide you with the best options for proceeding forward to resolve your challenges. We listen to you and based upon our experience and knowledge we will provide you with our best advice and counsel. We can structure and document the best and simplest estate plan you need. We can also amend that plan as your personal situation or the tax laws change. We can also guide you as a Trustee on how to perform your duties and responsibilities and if you are a beneficiary we can guide you as to your rights. We prefer to resolve disputes without litigation if reasonably possible. However, sometimes it is necessary. We believe legal services should provide value added. If you have not worked with an attorney before we will guide you through everything so you understand what you need to know.

Trusted Estate Planning Services

Regardless of what stage of life you are in, having an estate plan in place makes sense. Whether you’ve just welcomed a new child into your family or your planning for retirement, it’s helpful to know what options are available. We can help with the drafting of a simple will and powers of attorney or with more complicated estate plans including trust documents.

We’ll take the time to review your current financial situation, determine your future goals and work with you to ensure your heirs are cared for after your passing. We’ll also take the time to help you plan for the possibility you could be disabled later in life. Putting a plan in place while you are able to make your own decisions ensures your wishes are carried out.

San Diego Business Law Attorney

As a business attorney we will help you decide what is the best legal entity for your needs and we can form that entity (taking into account taxes and the desire to limit personal liability) and then help you administer the entity e.g. corporation, LLC. We can also help you with co-owner buy sell agreements, employment contracts, nondisclosure agreements, leases and all types of contracts. We provide ongoing counsel for business owners, on an as needed basis, throughout the life of the business. The cost of an experienced business attorney helping you avoid problems is always less than the cost of resolving problems later.

Probate & Trust Administration

Platinum Probate & Estate Planning, APC can help you with any probate related issues anywhere in California. As an Executor or Administrator we can help you administer the estate and complete the probate process. We can help the entire probate process to go smoothly. If you are a beneficiary, we can also counsel you with regard to your rights.  For those people that are presently serving as Trustees of Trust or are named as a Successor Trustee of a Trust, we can help you administer the Trust in accordance with the document and California law. Good Trust administration can prevent problems and make the process to go smoothly.

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At Platinum Probate & Estate Planning, APC, you’ll find an attorney that takes the time to listen to your legal concerns and finds a way to address them in a manner that meets your overall goals and objectives. Mr. Jones says his philosophy is simple; “To treat every client the way I’d want to be treated by a law firm.” Call the office today at 858-220-0919 and let Platinum Probate & Estate Planning, APC help you face your legal challenges head on.

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