San Diego Estate Planning Attorney

Whether you’re 26 or 85, you need an estate planning attorney so that, when the you pass away, your family knows how to handle your possessions. Younger people need estate plans to direct their assets for their partner and children plus provide a guardian for minor children, if any. As you get older, you need to make provisions for protecting your wealth and other assets that you’ve acquired.

How Attorney Jay Wiley Jones Can Help

Attorney Jones has created more than 500 estate plans and administered more than 90 estates. He’s worked with hundreds of people in San Diego, each with unique situations so he’s knows how to help you with your estate plan.

Estate planning involves many components including making provisions for income tax, estate tax, gift tax and generation skipping tax considerations. When it comes to keeping your money, you want someone who knows the law forwards and backwards and will create an estate plan that is beneficial to you.

For those with more complex estates, rest assured that Attorney Jones has the experience needed to help you out. One client had an estate in excess of $15 million. He’s knowledgeable about minimizing taxes so that your money can stay within the family or be given to organizations of your choosing, rather than to Uncle Sam’s coffers.

Trusts are another part of estate planning and are helpful for retaining a person’s assets while their partner is still alive. They are also useful for minor children who lose a parent. Monetary assets are kept in the trust until the child reaches maturity. Trusts can be set up in many ways and Attorney Jones will advise you on which one is best for your situation and expected future of your family.

Other components of estate plans include:

  • Advanced Health Care Directives
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Community Property Agreements
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Wills

Work with San Diego Attorney for Your Estate Planning Needs

Attorney Jay Wiley Jones is a reliable attorney with years of experience behind him, helping hundreds of individuals and families with their estate plans of all sizes. To schedule an appointment to discuss your estate planning needs, contact his office today.

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